Summer in El Cotillo

All beaches can be reached by bicycle

Hi Folks

SUMMERTIME on Fuerteventura is DIFFERENT! Believe me!

Some may say the climate here is a bit boring because it’s mostly between 20°C and 30°C and if you like seasons or trees you might not wanna live here the whole year round. The Canaries are called „The Islands Of Eternal Spring“ and Fuerteventura is blessed with funny old volcanos all over and plenty of sunny days, but not with much seasonal changes or forests.

Actually it’s even too dry on Fuerteventura and water is a rare good here. It’s produced by a desalting plant and supply is complicated.

So, if you like arid nature and „extreme-volcanoing“ you can spend a great time here at any time in the year. Sunny and mild weather is granted! Only wind can be cool sometimes and you need to search for a lee side.

While in Europe the summers become more and more inconvenient with humid heatwaves followed by thunderstorms, in El Cotillo there’s mostly a nice breeze and a totally different dry heat compared to the continent or the Mediterranean.

That’s why a RELAXED ESCAPE to EL COTILLO is always an option, all-the-year, even in summer!

Check out low seasons in May / June and September / October with nice prices for the same quality!  

The season was opened…
…and it keeps going on!

I’m looking forward to seeing you in El Cotillo.

Saludos, cheers…
…und tschüss, bis dann!